Super Yacht Pre-Purchase Surveys

A super yacht pre purchase survey is a detailed in and out of water technical inspection of a super yacht . I will also consider how the super yacht will stand up to the conditions anticipated in the area in which she is to be operated either privately or commercially
In summary, the super yacht survey will include the following:

  • Scope of the survey, specification and equipment used
  • Details of intended use – pleasure/commercial
  • Sea Trial including details of sea conditions, handling and machinery operation
  • Examination of hull above and below the water line and superstructure
  • Itemized condition report on all accommodation areas of the yacht
  • Condition of electrics, engines and machinery, hydraulic and safety equipment
  • Recommendations following survey and Market Valuation

Surveys are usually performed both dry (ashore) and wet (sea trial) to establish the full extent of the super yacht's condition. Lifting costs are not included in fees. Bear in mind that you are the surveyor's client and that there should be room to tailor any survey to meet your needs.

All surveys will be undertaken subject to the terms of an agreement with you giving details of the extent of the survey.
Please bear in mind that pre-purchase surveys have to be carried out by non-destructive means. Normally, access will be limited to only easily removable panels. If deeper access is required then this can be gained only with the owner's approval. It is accepted practice in the UK that areas of bottom coating will be scraped-off during survey to enable material moisture content and/or thickness to be gauged, as necessary. Nevertheless, this is only done with the owner's approval.

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