I cordially welcome you to my homepage.

About Me

I am a freelance expert, VFK e.V. approved, for pleasure boats, motor boats and sailing yachts. As a longtime wood and fiberglass technician in boat building, boat and jetty owner I know the maritime profession very well.
On my homepage I would like to inform you of my expert's activities and give you information about the various verification activities.


What is an expert?

According to Euro Expert, European Organisation for Expert Association, the term of the expert defined as follows:

The expert is an independent person of integrity that has on one or more specific areas of special expertise and experience. The expert meets general statements about an issue submitted to or held by him to it under a contract. He also has the ability in spoken and written in an understandable way to assess this situation.

I am also available for reports outside Europe.

If you want to contact me please use the contact form or phone +49 (0)6027-3363.

I am happy to hear from you.

Werner Hobmaier


Attention: As there are permanently attacks on this Website throught the Contact form upload, please send your files via EMAIL to me.